Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Essence of Having a Real Estate Virtual Tour

Virtual refers to a condition without boundaries or constraints. It is often used to define a feature or state that is simulated in some manner. The term has a very high-tech ring and may be used with "virtually" any hardware or software product or Internet-related service that has some advanced features. It may simply be used as a substitute for the words "high-tech," "computerized," or "electronic". 

Virtual tours are now being widely used and adopted by different businesses all over the globe.  One of the common business types that adopt this system is in real estate industry. As its popularity increase day by day, implementation of this modern application would certainly be beneficial as a marketing strategy, generating more leads from it, and possibly enticing more clients. Moreover, there are still questions about the benefits and usefulness of the virtual tours not only in the part of marketing company but also to the users.

What are the possible methods in finding virtual tours?

Actually, there are so many methods available in finding virtual tours. One is simply visiting popular estate sales companies and requesting them to show you some best pieces of virtual tours. In this approach, virtual tours normally come into CD’s and DVD’s that you can watch. An important reminder though; tell your real purpose and interest on why you want to see such virtual tour. Taking time talking to the officials about your concern might be helpful as well as it can save you bunch of time. The second option is visiting real estate companies websites (to see a sample click here) where there virtual tours are usually posted most specifically for those properties they are marketing. They find that providing virtual tours is an effective marketing strategy as it attracts home buyers. Also, sellers 
find it more relevant to drive more sales. 

Here is a sample virtual tour in the form of video:

Do the virtual tours help clarify things?  

Certainly, the answer is yes. The main objective of having virtual tours is to clarify things and make it easy to understand. That is why it is one of the most visited pages in any real estate website. It helps people save a lot of time as compared to actual visiting the place. Real estate website owners are now responsible of providing a clear and useful virtual tour - a presentation that targets a need of customers.  Remember that virtual tours point is to bring convenience to prospective buyers. Aside from being a time saving method, it comes very accessible as they can view these within the coziness of their homes anytime of the day.

The bottom line of having virtual tour:
  •  It generally provides customers complete information and easy access through visual presentation.
  • It makes your marketing strategy standout especially in an online competitive market
  • It increases customers’ confidence, enticing them to invest in your business.
  • It saves time. Of course, time is important and having a system that makes your customers attain their goals helps build a strong relationship and reputation.
  • It is hassle-free, convenient to both users and site owners. No need to have long deals and conversations.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Boracay - A paradise like no other

Boracay is a small renowned island in the Philippines located in the northwestern tip of Panay.  Boracay is said to be receiving visitors way back from the 70’s and since then hundreds of resorts and hotels have been built, outdoor pedestrian, commercial hubs, recreational/leisure centers and many more. Those kinds of developments have been bloated as of these days.

Boracay is well known with its white sand beach where action lives and almost people see of the island. Boracay is like no other island - the world's most beautiful beaches, all ready to be explored, on foot or underwater! Additionally, Boracay is packed with world-class accommodation services such as condotel-residential community where people can relax and unwind.  Alta Vista de Boracay is one of this world-class condotels where people can experienced best beach vacation and convenience of the city life. It offers wide array of amenities so you will never run out of things to enjoy. 

Take a tour from this video. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to Get Mortgage Loan for First Time Home Buyers

Having a mortgage loan is one of the best ways that you can do especially if you are planning to buy your own house and lot for the first time. First time home buyers needs to learn that there are ways that they need to do to become successful in getting their mortgage loans. Remember that lenders need to examine your credit score and the credit history that you have had from the past ‘till present as part of the process in giving you the loan that you want.
The first thing you need to do in getting a mortgage loan is cleaning up your credit. Pay all the debts that you have had from the past and the lesser or zero debt that you have gives you a greater chance of borrowing from your lenders with the lower interest. Mortgage lenders give better deals to the applicants that can prove that they can pay loan on time. Better to check your credit score ahead of time so that you can still have time improving your credit score and get the loan that you are expecting. 

Providing that you have a good paying and stable job that gives a consistent and reliable income is the next step that you need to do in getting a mortgage loan. A loan applicant that have very appealing and valid bank statements and pay slip records have more chances to have the loan that they are expecting. After that, make sure that you have all the necessary documents needed in pre- qualifying for a mortgage loan that you are applying and these documents include tax returns, statements of assets, pay stubs and valid identification cards. Preparing these papers gives you a chance to let your mortgage lenders realize that you are serious in transacting with them. 

Then another thing to do to get a mortgage loan is searching for the possible and reliable mortgage lenders that can possibly give the great deals that you want. Visit banks, cooperatives, unions and even nonbanks that offer loans that are within your vicinity. Remember that when you have good credit score the more possibility that lenders will compete to get you as their client that is why it is better to get two to three good deals and choose the best lender that will give you the best offer.

So these are the ways that you need to do to make sure that you can get a mortgage loan that you want to have in buying your first ever house and lot. These ways are better to be prepared ahead of time before going and make an offer to the lenders because having a mortgage loan is a long process that you need to have a lot of patience.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Credit Score and How Does it Affect Renting an Apartment

Having a good credit score is a big factor in being qualified in renting an apartment. Most landlords are requiring a credit report to the tenants who are applying for their apartment this is their way to know if the person has no problem with regards of their finances and has the capacity pay monthly rents on time.

Credit score is a measurement of how good you are in repaying your loans on time. Having a good credit score and history is used by a. banks whether to qualify you in a loan, b. business establishments to determine if you are credible to transact with them and c. landlords if you are good in paying your responsibilities while living in an apartment. 

There are five elements that a credit score has: 
  1. Payment history which includes the records of payments that you have had, number of payments, delinquencies, and other information about your recent payment activities. 
  2.  The amount owed which includes the available credits and balances you have, total amount owed and other information on the amount you owe in your account. 
  3.  Length of credit in which it indicates the time your account was established which you need to maintain having a good credit score for years to give an impressing data to people who will look at your credit score. 
  4.  New credit which includes the number of accounts you have opened. 
  5.  Types of credit in use this is to know how are you managing your credits and the diversification of your credit lines.
Having a good credit score is a big factor for being qualified in an apartment because landlords will have an idea on how do you pay your bills and the delinquencies that you have had in the  past. There is a big possibility that you will be qualified to live in an apartment for rent or condo for rent if you have a good credit score because this is one characteristic most landlords look for. The idea is simple, if you want to have good financial reputation, start on having a good credit score.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Common Mistakes in Adding Value to Your Home

Finding a way to sell your house and lot in a fastest way? Then the best thing you need to do is to put things that will add value to your house. But you need to make sure that the things you will add to your home will give you a satisfying result. Because there are times, owners are putting things that became a trash in the eyes and views of the buyers and do not add value to their homes. Here are some mistakes home owners and sellers do in adding home value to their property.

  1. Adding an extra bathroom. In assembling an extra bathroom you need to consider the total land area or space of the house so that you will have idea if it is needed or will just give a crowded look to the house. There are owners that mistakenly put extra bathroom with the forethought that it may add value to their house. You need to avoid this mistake or else your buyers will be hesitant  whether to purchase your place or not,  remember that adding value doesn’t necessary mean you need to add some things. Instead you have to give your home a stunning look so that buyers will be enticed to choose your place and live in.
  2. Designing your place according to what is “in” in fashion. What is fashionable today may not be the same tomorrow that is why it is not advised to design or redecorate your house according to what is “in” today in the market. Remember that simplicity is beauty and designing your house naturally is the best way to entice your buyers to purchase your house. And the simple design that you will have in your house will give your buyers a chance to imagine their life living in your place. You don’t have to spend too much in designing your house since you will only do a simple design that interests more your buyers.
  3. Installing lights that do not give relaxation.  One of the benefits of choosing lights in your house is having a relaxing feeling. Match the best light for your living room, kitchen, dining and other parts of your house so that the buyers who will visit your place will not be. Remember that lights play a vital role in giving impression to your buyers and other people who will drop to your house. 
  4.  Having over or under improvement in your house. Over improvement means that you are adding things to your house that are not necessary while under improvement means that your improvements are not yet enough. Remember that your goal is to sell your house in a fastest way that is why you are adding value to your house so you need to make sure that all necessary things that will impress to your buyers who will come and see your house are all done.   

Friday, 30 March 2012

Things Offered in Mayfield Park Residences Condo for Rent

Wandering on what are the things that you can achieve once you choose to live in Mayfield Park Residences condo for rent? Here is the list of the things offered in the place that you may enjoy that will give you a satisfied stay.

  1. The best amenities. The very first things that you can enjoy while staying in Mayfield Park Residences is their amenities in which you can make sure that you are not going to have any regret. The amenities available in the place are swimming pools which will allow you to do a lot of water activities on your own or even with your family next is their club house where you can have a free access of internet because they provide the place to be a Wi-Fi zone. Another amenity that can also be enjoyed in this place is their oriental garden with koi pond so that residents will have a private place where they can think and be relaxed. And of course, the all time favorite amenity of people living in Mayfield Park Residences is their karaoke rooms which you can practice your voice while bonding with your family. There are more amenities available in this place in which you need to find out to yourself.
  2. Accessible location. DMCI Homes which is the developer of Mayfield Park Residences make sure that all of their works are located in a place that will give so much convenience to its residents. Mayfield Park Residences condo for rent gives assurance that you will never be late in going to your schools or works because it is accessible to places that you usually checking out.S
  3. Secured place. There is a great assurance that whenever you live in Mayfield Park Residences you are very much secured. Every condo and apartment for rent made by DMCI Homes never allowed their residents to be in danger. Property management of the place gives assurance that residents will be much protected while staying here through the things that they are doing such as strict safety measures and installing security devices like CCTV cameras and others. P
  4.  Private and enjoyable life. The best things offered in Mayfield Park Residences condo for rent is having a private and enjoyable life. Definitely that you will never have any regret once you experience to stay in the place the best part of living here is realizing that you wouldn’t want to leave the place because you truly feel the best things here.
There are also condos for rent in Pasig - these includes East Ortigas Mansions, East Raya Residences and Riverfront Residences.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mayfield Park Residences Condo For rent: A Place You Truly Deserve

Tired of living in place that gives you nothing but dissatisfaction? Every people needs to live in a place that they deserve, a place that will give them satisfaction and contentment in life, a place where they can start a new life with their loved ones and grow their own family, a place that is safe, and a place where you can make good and unforgettable moments in life.

DMCI Homes made Mayfield Park Residences condo for rent which is a place where every Filipino people and family deserves to live. There are good and believable reasons that can be found in this article why you deserve to live in Mayfield Park Residences condo for rent.
  1. You deserve to live in Mayfield Park Residences because it gives a satisfied place to relax. There are places that you can find within the vicinity of Mayfield Park Residences that can give you so much relaxation that you truly deserve. First on the list is their swimming pool where you can do a lot of water activities with your family, karaoke rooms where you can bond with your family and of course relax because in this place there is no room for you to think problems. Their landscaped courtyard that is designed to give relaxation in the eye of every people who will look and stay in the place. And while staying in your own unit there is a great assurance that you can also be relaxed.
  2. You deserve to live in Mayfield Park Residences because you deserve to be protected. Every resident in this place are getting full protection to the people who are taking care of the safety of the place. Security of the place and people living in Mayfield Park Residences is the number one concern of property management and developer. They want that their residents will be at ease in their respective units especially when its night time and do nothing but sleeps peacefully. If you know that you deserve to be protected then you deserve to live in Mayfield Park Residences.
  3. You deserve to live in Mayfield Park Residences because it gives you a chance to make and keep happy and unforgettable memories. Those who choose to live in Mayfield Park Residences are now making memories that they keep for good. And if you also want to make your own memories, living in Mayfield Park Residences is the best choice. Koi pond is one of the best spot where you can make unforgettable memories that you can keep. And there are more other places that you can have the privilege to visit and make memories when you live in Mayfield Park Residences which is made by DMCI Homes.

If you know that you deserve to live in Mayfield Park Residences it is better to grab the opportunity and never let it pass so that you will never have any regret in your life. These few reasons why you deserve to live in Mayfield Park Residences may be an eye opener for you to realize that there is no other place that you deserve than living in Mayfield Park Residences.